Believe-It Or Not, The Bears Can Get To Dallas...

When I think back on our 11-5 regular season record, I can't help but think of 2 home games (against Washington and Seattle - two "inferior" teams) that we should have won with ease.  If this was the case, our record would have been 13-3.  Our worst loss of the season was a home field ass-whipping that we got from the New England Patriots (the team that just may very well will-it-all).

I don't believe that we will ever see or hear from the Cheese-Heads after Sunday (when the Eagles kick-their-collective-asses back to Wisconsin).  New Orleans as not the same team they were a year ago, Seattle won't even see the divisional round in the post-season, and Atlanta could just find themselves in a "mis-match" with us (despite their #1 seed record) based on the fact that they have not played us this year.  It's just like what former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis used to say "this fighter has never seen a fighter like me" thus giving Lewis the "clear" advantage despite the opponents power, skill, and might (just ask Mike Tyson).

Yes Bear Fans, we can "In-Fact" kick-ass in the NFC and get to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV despite the naysayers.  Even Jerry Angelo had to admit that this coaching staff has gotten more out of this crew then anyone could have ever expected.  Angelo also admitted that the roster was lacking in talent in a few areas, but Lovie and his staff enabled them to "rise-to-the-occasion".

As I've stated previously, Jay Cutler needs to bring his "A" game in every playoff match-up. If He does, we can get to Dallas with absolute ease.  Now if any one has an issue with this, please take it up with Bill and I during Mondays show.  The Chicago Bears Talk Forum is a show set-up for the fans to call-in and "SPEAK-THEIR-MINDS". Don't be bashful at all. Where I come from, I can remember as a senior in High School getting together with other football fans during Study-Hall period, where we would just "argue" football for 50 minutes STRAIGHT, especially during the playoffs.

So Bear Fans, and others, do you have the "intestinal-fortitude" to join in the discuss during the show???



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