Bears - Packers: The Tale Of The Tape...

Ok, let's give a "brief" but concise breakdown of where these two team stand.  We will rate the teams as follows:

Offense:  A draw - The Bears can run the ball against GB despite the weaknesses on their O-Line. The Packers don't, nor have they ever had a running game to speak-of in their games against us this year except last week.  The Pack does have a good passing game however.

Defense:  Chicago - The Bears have been successful against GB this year. They've been able to short-circuit Rodgers Ariel assault as well as their running attack in both games this year.

Special Teams:  Chicago - Devin Hester remains the most "feared" return man in the game today.  You can try kicking away from Him on KR, only to find yourself giving up yardage by either kicking out of bounds or squib kicking.  Punting away from Hester can be a "pot-luck" proposition as well.  The wind will make things difficult for all the kickers when putting the ball in the desired spots.

Receivers:  Green Bay - Driver and Jennings get the automatic edge here).

Running Backs: Chicago - Chester Taylor and Matt forte are head-and-shoulders ahead of the GB ball carriers.

QB:  Green Bay - Cutler needs more than just 1 post season game to prove that he has what it takes to win a championship.  Beside, Rodgers has won two games on the road against two very good teams this year.

O-Line: Green Bay - The Bears O-line is still among the weakest in the league despite their "stellar" performance against Seattle.

Defense: Chicago - The Bears have succeeded here in pretty much every game.  Teams have had a  hard time running against them, and Peppers usually requires a "double-team" effort to be contained.  Plus, we all know that our defense has done to the "so-called" high-powered GB offense.

DBs:  A Draw - Harris, Jennings, Moore, Wright, and Tillman are just as good, and just as athletic as Woodson and Williams.

Linebackers:  Chicago - Who can deny the superiority of two great LBs for the Bears, vs only one LB for the Pack.

Defensive Line:  Chicago (Peppers and Harris are a hand full even without Idonije and rookie Corey Wooton (who all but retired Brett Farve).

Pro-Bowlers: Chicago - The Bears actually have the same amount of "all-pro" players on the team as GB (7).  However, the Bears have a total of 30 selections among their players vs GB's 18.

Coaching: Chicago - The Bears have a HC that has been to a Super Bowl along with OC Martz whose been there as well.  Mike Tice and Rod Marinelli have firmly proven their ability as coaches in the respective departments.

Now those are the facts PERIOD.  The Bears out number the Pack 8 to 3 out of the 13 aforementioned categories (with 2 draws).  The Bears have a lot working in their favor, but keep in mind that the Pats had such an edge as well against NY.  The same can be said about the Atlanta Falcons who the Packers beat like a drum last week.  However, this game will come down to who wants-it the most.  In short, it will be a "slug-fest"....


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