They Have Drank The "Grossman" Kool-Aide" In DC...

This fiasco coming out of DC will be written about here a bit more. Especially after we complete our thorough "Investigation" of yet another "Shanahan Circus".

Grossman with DC.jpg

Now I've been reading articles and watching videos of DC sports-writers from the Washington Post and other Media outlets that Rex Grossman may even be named the starter for the Redskins in 2011 (see video with article).

Rex was given every opportunity (with a patient coach to boot) to succeed here in Chicago.

Grossman Fumble - 1 of Many.jpg

1 of Many Grossman Fumbles at Center


Grossman SB XLI Goat.jpg

Grossman Faces The Music After SB XLI

For starters, he couldn't stay healthy nor play a full regular or pre-season.  Then Rex got his opportunity to play a full season in 2006 and he played like "crap" (even in some big games). Then was pretty much "The Goat" of Super Bowl XLI throwing 2 INTs, and fumbling the ball from center multiple times.  All together the Bears finished the day with 5 turnovers and a 29-17 loss.

What I cant except is Grossman replacing a perennial All-Pro QB like Donovan McNabb.  I just don't see the justification "at-all".  McNabb is a much better player, leader, as well as a better QB then Grossman.

Grossman The Joke 2.jpg

  Grossman became an absolute "JOKE" in Chicago by the time it was all over with.  Even his own team mates and coaches had no faith in him. 

Grossman The Joke 1.jpg

Yeah you can talk about Grossman's 4 TDPs and his "Inflated" 322 yard passing last week against Dallas. Howver the facts are this; his still threw 2 pics, fumbled the ball (like the old days), and threw 43 passes (hell, anybody can run-up 322 yards on that many attempts).  Grossman's QB rating was still well under 100 (at 93.4), and he had a completion average of 7.5 yards per (and he still lost the game).  Doesn't look like a roaring comeback to me... 

The bottom line here Bear Fans, is that "Rex Grossman Still Sucks"!  PERIOD. 

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