TCF Field Update...

More and more concern "is" being made about the hardness of the playing surface on the field of TCF Bank Stadium.  This makes the field just as hard as cement which could cause injuries (truth be told), but my position remains the same.  In the past (before fields had underground heating coils) playing surfaces were blasted with fire prior to game-time.  In fact, such measures were often deployed in the old "Metropolitan-Stadium" in Minnesota in the 70s.

The Met was the sight of some memorable games, the 1975 "Hail Mary" game when the Cowboys eliminated the "purple punks" from the playoff in the final seconds.  This also culminated in a referee getting hit in the head with a bottle (thrown by a vikings fan from the stands) and knocked unconscious. 
It is also my position that all-of-this is due mostly to the Vikings organizations inability to take care a problem they've known to exist for the better part of 20 years.  My only question is this; what if there were people and players in the building at the time of the collapse Zygi Wilf ??? 
The NFL finds themselves in a precarious situation to say they least,  but I must point-out that during the days when players were paid less, not much was said about field conditions on any day of the week.

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