TCF Field Near Ready For Mondays Game

Associate AD at The University Of Minnesota (Scott Ellison), met with the media on Friday, and answered many questions regarding facility and the playing surface (see video).  As expected (with all the hard work and effort UM is putting into the project), the field should be a great shape for the game on Monday.  UM has even partnered with NFL officials to ensure that every is up to "spec".

Now, can we please focus on our Bears taking care of business and winning the NFC North Monday.  Honestly, I've never seen or heard so-much b@!#ing and moaning about a playing field for the 35 plus years I've been following the NFL.  Players should, and have the right to voice their concerns regarding their safety always, but we don't need to "showcase" every word and "catch-phrase".  At the end of the day, the players themselves will tell you "we're Pro-Football Players no matter what".
We're expecting a championship effort from the Bears in this game, "no-doubt".   If our team is "who-we-think-they-are", then they'll smoke the "purple-punks", and we can "crown-them" (as Denny Green would say).

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