TCF Field Furer Continues, But Do We Need To Hear About-It?

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Work Continues At TCF.

Players are continuing to make their case against the conditions in TCF Bank Stadium's Field. The latest being Lance Briggs.  Truthfully, do we really need to stop reporting and harping on this issue? 

Their are plenty of people who are working around the clock to get Gophers

Metrodome Crappy Roof.jpg

Metrodomes Crappy Roof.

Field in best possible shape for Monday nights game.  If any body deserves the heat for this screw-up, it's the Vikings organization, not the NFL.  They (the Vikes brass) knew "damn-well" that their "roller-dome" roof wasn't worth a damn for over 20 years.  So let's point the finger in the right direction, at Zigi Wilf, and not Roger Goddell.

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1967 "Ice Bowl"

Now on the other hand, the NFL Football has had it's share of bad weather games throughout it's history.  Hey John! Remember the 1967 "Ice-Bowl" in Green Bay Between the Cowboys and Lombardi's Cheese-Heads"?  Remember the frigid conditions in playoff games between the

Football In The Old Days.jpg

Winter Football In The Old-Days

Oakland Raiders and The Pittsburgh Steelers in the 70s, along with the Bengals vs the Chargers in the 80s. I rest-my-case.

So please, let's stop amplifying this "crap" and focus on the business at hand, which is to take Minnesota out, and win the NFC North....


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