So For The "1st-Time", I Was Wrong....

Yes, the Pats did not fall in Soldiers Field as I predicted.  What I also have to point-out, is how the Bears did not execute the 1-2-3 objectives I laid out in my previous entry.  

For starters, we did put pressure on Brady early, but wore down by the end of the 1st quarter.  Our offense "flat-out" did not execute at all.  This led to a quick abandonment of the running game, and the "huge" deficiencies on our O-Line were embarrassingly made obvious (THANKS AGAIN - JERRY!).
Then on special teams, we did not cover well at all.  The Pats picked up some big yardage on several punt returns.  For the most part, the Patriots looked as if they were better prepared to play in the frigid, and snow filled field conditions in Soldiers Field.  The Pats were quicker off the ball from scrimmage, and our younger players seemed overwhelmed by the aforementioned conditions.
The Pats ran-up 26 points in the 2nd quarter due largely to Johnny Knox fumble returned for a TD, and a 59 yard ("blown-coverage" assignment by rookie safety Major Wright) TD pass from Brady to Branch.  The Pats also opened the game with scoring drives of 85 and 87 yards.  Again, poor execution on offense lead to quick 3 and out possessions that immediately put undue pressure on our defense.
So now we're 9-4, but we still hold a tight grip on 1st place in the NFC North with the "Cheese-Heads" loss to the Lions today.  So we can still keep our heads held high.  Plus, we got the crap beat out of us by the New England Patriots, not some scrub-team.  Keep in mind though, that we could have done a number on Brady and crew like the Browns did.  We just simply did not execute at all.
So before every starts jumping all over Lovie Smith, let's assign the blame where it belongs.  The majority of our young players (especially on offense) did not come ready to roll.  We also saw the mis-steps of an "incompetent" GM hurt us in a big spot again.
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  • What now? where do we go from here? All we can do, is all we can do. The best you can and draft to correct the deficiencies next year. This is where the problem is. Jerry Angelo will draft Defense.

  • Jerry was here before Lovie. Lovie coached us to SB XLI, but then the bottom fell-out because management made piss-poor decisions. I really have no interest in Jerry drafting "anyone" for us next year. HE NEEDS TO GO PERIOD. That's What!

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