Reports Say; Starters Will Play...

Cutler Pumps The Fist.jpg

Cutler Continues To Establish Himself As A True Leader

This morning ESPN reported that the Bears will "definitely" be playing their


Hester, Forte, and Olson Could Be Key 2 Beating GB

starters.  In fact, QB Jay Cutler expects to play the entire game.  So, with that being the case, I will only say this; if we are to play our starters the whole game, let's make it worth the effort, and simply "Beat-The-Living-Hell-Out-Of-The-Cheese-Heads".

Honestly, I really don't give good damn about "how-well" Green Bay has been

Urlacher & Briggs in GB game 1.jpg

Urlacher & Briggs in Game 1 With GB

playing lately, and the fact that they were penalized for over 100 yards in our 1st game against them.  All any "TRUE" Bears Fans should want to see is; 1-Aaron Rodger choking on the Lambeau Field Turf. 2-Donald Driver doing a Michael Johnson and start "wining" about a "pulled" hamstring..  3-Clay Matthews be shutdown to the point that He even begins to consider a new hairstyle instead of that "sissy-hippie" look.  And 4-Coach McCarthy regret that he ever thought he was smart enough to call the offensive plays.

Bears Front Four.jpg

Bears Front Four

Now (to put things into perspective) the above is a bit "tongue & cheek", but the

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A Site We'd Like To See Often Sunday

truth of the matter is; if we are going to go all out against GB, then let's leave a lasting "impression" in the minds of our rivals and the critics who seem to think that GB will win big...

A win will put us in the potential position of obtaining the #1 seed in the NFC which would mean home field advantage throughout the post season

Urlacher Lifts The Halas Trophy.jpg

#1 Seed Would Increase Our Chances In Getting To Dallas

(thus increasing our chances of getting to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV).

Yes folks, I am a VERY-PASSIONATE & LOYAL Fan of the Chicago Bears (for nearly 40 years running), and I truly believe that we can make this happen despite the critics....

GO BEARS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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