Regular Season A Success - Now The Playoffs...

Today our Bears overcame an 11 point deficit against one of the top defensive teams in the league (next to us) in the NY Jets with a "stunning" 38-34 victory in our home finale.  Our defense deserves credit as well for making critical plays down the stretch when it counted the most.

Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense seemed to be on a roll jumping out to an early 21-10 lead, which was cut to 21-17 after Jay Cutler sprinted into the end zone before the half.  The Jets kicked a field goal and they led 24-17 at half-time. 

Then in the 3rd quarter, magic began to happen.  Cutler hit Johnny Knox on a 40 yard bomb to tie the game at 24.  Then it became a shoot-out with Cutler victimizing "Revis & Cromartie Island" two more times with TDPs to Devin Hester, and Knox a second time.  The Bears went ahead to stay late in the 3rd at 38-31.  The rest is history (Oh BTW Rex, Jay's rating for the day was 104.2 - Yours was something like; 60.0 & you needed your kicker to bail you out in OT???).

The main point of this entry is to declare our regular season a definitive "success" (no matter what any one says. If you have an issue, take it up with us Monday night on The Show).  Winning our home finally (against a top-flight opponent spoke values in the eyes of any "serious" Bear Fans).  Should we win in "Cheeseville" next week, we will finish with a 12-4 record and the number 2 seed in the post-season.  Losing would mean a 11-5 mark which still is an accomplishment from hence we've come since pre-season.

Matt Forte Runs all over NYJ.jpg

Forte's Feet Ran All-Over The Jints...

Already Lovie is being "unanimously" hailed as "The Coach Of The Year" by the players (should this man loose His job now???).  I am prepared to defend Lovie "aggressively" if necessary against any one who will say different.  despite our problems on the O-Line, Matt Forte "romped" for 113 yards today (averaging 5.9 yards per) on 19 carries (Kudos to Mike Tice as well).  We are now ready to rest our starters in the final game against the "Cheese-Heads".  I do think we should play Caleb Hanie and "NOT" Todd Collins. It would be a waste.

So Bear Fans, lets enjoy this regular season accomplishment, and then look forward to the post-season.  The last two SB Champs were considered under-dogs, but took home the Lombardi trophy.....


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  • The Bears Offense came alive and won the game. Hwever, we gave up alot of points. By comparison, Green Bay handed it to the NY Giants, and we had our asses handed to us by the Giants. What does this say about where we are compared to Green Bay?? I hate to say it, and I'll probably throw up, but it looks like we are going to get our asses kicked by the Packers next week.

  • Great comment BF59!
    I do agree with your assessment (regarding the cheese-heads) as well. However, keep in mind that the Giants are not the same team they were midway through the year. TC was on the hot-seat in the beginning of the season, then off. Now He's roasting and toasting again. It's been musical chairs for the NYGs. As for GB, one week they can look great (like yesterday), then lay an egg (like they did against Detroit).

  • We lost to the Redskins because Lovie chose not to challenge the fumble on the goal-line when everyone on the sideline was telling him to throw it. Defend that.

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Your right, it was a "bad" decision on Lovie's part. However, that is one game, and one incident compared to a body 14 other games. You sound like a "hater" PERIOD. If you really want to lock horns with me, show some guts and call the show on Monday (347-989-0858). I like a good debate, but I do so with respect. There's no need for hating....

  • Whoa, whoa, "rest our starters" ?? WTF?

    And it's "Caleb" Hanie, not "Calab"
    .... and it's "losing" not "loosing".
    .....and it's "Cromartie" not "Cromarty" Do you get paid to do this ?

  • In reply to IrishBearsFan:

    Thanks for the corrections, although it did not call for one Bear fan to brutalize another (that's if you really are a Bear fan?). Typos are common even at the Chicago Tribune as well (and yes they get paid, and paid "well" for what they do)....

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