Pats Remarkable Run Will End In Soldiers Fields....

Since literally getting their asses whipped in Cleveland, the New England Patriots have gone a tare of four straight wins.  During the four game rip, the Pats have all but man-handled some top defensive units along the way (the NY Jets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers).

However, the game against Pittsburgh was more of a shoot-out then a display of great defensive play.  The Pats some-how duped the Steelers into playing their kind of game with Pittsburgh only generating 76 yards on the ground.  New England also got the better of Pittsburgh in the battle for time-of-possession (31 to 29 minutes).  Tom Brady also tagged the Steelers for 350 yards, 3 TDPs, 0 INTs, and a 117.4 passer rating on the day.
In the Bears match-ups with top passers like Aaron Rodgers, and Michael Vick, both QBs ran up over 300 yards passing.  However, both man fell short of a 100% passer rating, and each through 1 INT.  Vick (the better of the two), was sacked 4 times, and was harassed all day long by Julius Peppers and the rest of the crew.  Brady does not have Vick's feet, and laser swift arm.  No, Brady will be more of a sitting target for our pass rush which will come from "all-directions".
The Pats are also "soft" against the run (19th overall defending).  So "the-keys-to-victory" are as simple as 1-2-3.  1-Defensive pressure on Brady, 2-A power type ball-control offense, & 3-Brilliant play on "special-teams".  We will also need our defense to generate some take-aways.  The weather won't be too much of a factor, but "snow" would be an added bonus for the players and the fans (snow has always turned Bear Fans and players into "something-more".
This game is what Bill and I are calling "THE MOTHER OF ALL STATEMENT GAMES" 
GO BEARS!!!!    

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