Jets In "Panic" Mode - May Play Sanchez With Severely Injured Shoulder

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Sanchez may start this Sunday, But "time" is not on His side.

Let's be real folks, if the Jets are willing to play Sanchez with a "torn" cartilage

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Recent reports have left HC Ryan looking like a clown

in his shoulder (against the team that may have ended Brett Farve's career), then they must be desperate to win this game.  What surprises me even more is the fact that Rex Ryan even stated that they discovered Sanchez injury to be worst than first expected.

So what does this mean? From my vantage point, it appears to me that the Jets are in "panic mode".  Let's face it, a loss this Sunday or in the weeks to come could very well mean elimination for the NY Jets (who play on the same division as the "red-hot" NE Patriots).  Getting a "Wild Card" spot in the powerful AFC could be difficult as well.

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Now, when it comes to playing us this Sunday, it doesn't matter who plays at QB.  This is our season finale in Soldiers Field, which historically we have usually won those games.  Also, should Sanchez play, He'd better thank His "lucky" stars if He makes it through the game.  Please don't get the wrong idea, I don't genuinely "revel" in the physical misfortune of a player (what happened to Farve ultimately is not a laughing matter). 

However Bear Fans, we all know that our "big-three" of Urlacher, Briggs, and Peppers are

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taking no prisoners this year.  When a first year player like Cory Wooton comes off the bench and joins in the "Bear-Bloodletting" as he did last week, then you know that the atmosphere among our Defensive Players is that of what we know to be "monstrous".  This is why we are, and have been called "The-Monsters-Of-The-Midway".

The line is going to the Jets with a point, but I believe the Bears will "kick-ass" on Sunday, and send the J-E-T-S Jets back home licking their wounds etc...

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