Good Teams Bounce-Back, Can The Bears Do The Same?

Ironically, it was after New England's embarrassing outing against Cleveland that they went on their winning streak which lead to our team's demise yesterday.  The bad part about our loss, is that we got ripped in our own house.  This is not something you simply don't turn the page from. You take it personal, and do as the Pats did "take-out" on any one in their path.

The NY Jets (after getting beat even worst by NE 45-3), have sunk even deeper into the doldrums of despair with another loss yesterday to a lesser opponent - the Miami Dolphins.  The Jets lost 10-6, and still showed "no-sign-of-life" on offense.  Will the Bears go in the same direction?  I've mentioned tests all season long, but here is a "real" test at this stage in the season.
Let's face it Bear Fans, every team has a game during every season that they'd like to forget.  The difference between "the champs" and "the chumps", is that the champs take the hit, then move forward to start another run. If we are " who-we-think-we-are", then we will take care of business against Minnesota next Monday Night.  Period!  
The Vikes are still a team in transition, and are still not that good.  If we are better, than we win the game.  End of story.   We should also be able to split our last two games against NY and The Cheese-Heads.   So the next three games will really show what our team is really made of (which we'll discuss further during tonight's show). 

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