Football And Foot Fetishes Don't Mix...

For the love of God, what dirt will they come up with next on the NY Jets???

First we had the Mexican reporter scandal.  Then there was the Farve "text-mess" scandal, followed by what's been dubbed as "trip-gate" involving strength coach Sal Alosi.  Now we have You-Tube videos of "unspeakable" proportion being dragged into the spotlight.  Rex, if you don't won't people in your private matters, don't post stuff on you-tube...
Bear Fans, all I'm interested in is our Bears ripping the NY Jets a new a!@# on Sunday, not Mrs. Ryan's feet.  Besides, someone needs to (once again) remind the NY media to "show-some-respect.."  You-Tube or not, a person's dignity should be worth more than just "a great story".
Mark Sanchez may not be healthy enough to play Sunday which is front page news in Chicago.  In NY however, all the papers care about is the latest "juicy" story.  Perhaps maybe this is why NY's teams seem to be here one-day, and gone the next (and yes, I'm "slamming" the rotten-apple).  Should the Jets lay an egg in the post-season, they'll be gone and forget in 4.4 timing.
Chicago, let's prove this Sunday that we are the better city, with the better team.

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