Cutler Makes "Case" Against Playing Surface In TCF Bank Stadium

In a tribune article today, franchise QB Jay Cutler says His peace "against" the playing

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Vikings Fans & Mascot Join In The Effort

surface at The Gophers Stadium.  The chatter has been so bad that even player reps Hunter Hillenmeyer and Robbie Gould's names were mentioned (see article).

Now we know who set-the-tone on the offense with their constant "wining" about the playing field.  It was very clear (during the Pats game) that our offensive unit fell in complete submission to the elements in last Sunday as I've stated before.  I also pointed out (during the last session of the Chicago Bears Talk Forum) that Bill Belichick told his players "out-right" that he did not want as much as hear any complaints about the playing conditions.  We then saw who delivered the championship effort...

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Big Mac Has Seen His Share Of Bad Weather Games

Come-on Jay!!!  Your a professional football player, and a "Chicago Bear Player" for Christ-Sake"!  A little snow and ice is not going to kill you! And if you want to wear that Bear jersey much longer, you'd better damn-well "reconsider" the direction your heading in. 

When Jim McMahon was asked about the frigid and icy conditions of Soldier Field in an NFC Championship game in 1989, McMahon responded by saying "these conditions make us about even with the 49ers".  "GD" Cutler! Where's you're freakin heart "dude"!

Come-on! Give-it-up Bears Fans! What do you think about this.....  

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