Remembering Dick Butkus

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You can talk about Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Jack Lambert, and any other Linebacker in the NFL, but "NO-ONE"! Absolutely NO-ONE! Put "Absolute-Fear" into the hearts of players like Dick Butkus.  Yes, QBs and RBs always wanted to know where LT was on the field.  However, when it

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came to Butkus, they did not want to know at-all.  Just the mere sight of # 51 was enough to make any hardcore, all-pro Sh#@! in his pants.  Just ask players from the Lions, Packers, and Vikings who had to face him twice a year.

I'll never forget the first highlights I witness of the "Midways" biggest

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monster.  When Dick Butkus tackled you, you knew it was no one else but him.  In fact, you most likely were licking your wounds for the next 7 days.  If you were lucky, maybe you wouldn't be in the "questionable" players list for the next game.

Dick Butkus was drafted in the 1st round (3rd overall) by the Bears in 1965 (along with Gayle Sayers that same year).  Butkus was also drafted in the 2nd round (9th overall) by the Denver Broncos in the AFL draft in 65'.  Butkus however decided to wear the

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Bears uniform for all 8 of his years in the NFL, and did not play for any other team.  He was a true Bear, and immediately commanded the respect of all his team mates from day one.  It also did not take very long for Butkus to gain the respect of the entire NFL very early in his rookie season.  In fact, most Bear historians never really considered Butkus a "rookie".  Butkus was 1st team All-NFL  in 1965 by the AP, Newspaper Ent. Assoc., and The NY Daily News.

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Dick Butkus set the standard for all Middle-Linebackers that followed him.  He no doubt is one of the most revered Hall Of Famers from the Chicago Bear Family.  Butkus's

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career was not cut short by just his bad knees alone, but from the demands he placed on his body week-to-week.  He also shortened other players careers as well.  He was one of the main examples as to why we called the NFC Central Division (now the NFC North) "the-black-and-blue-division".

To the Best and Baddest Bear of them all.  We'll always love you DB!!!

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