O-Line To Take Center Stage On Sunday Against Vikes

Mike Tices offensive line will be put to it's biggest test this Sunday against Jared Allen and the rest of the Minnesota Viking's defensive line.  In fact, this is a game that will be won or lost in the trenches.

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Brad Briggs of the Tribune gives a full analysis of how Tices offensive line MUST deliver the goods in order to silence the critics.  Much has been made about our O-Line this season, but all of that can be erased if the players on that rag-tag unit can come up big.

Avoiding injuries is a key component to our success for the remainder of the season in addition to this game on Sunday.
The Bears O-Line has been very inconsistent this year to say the least.  However, Sundays game can be a critical turning-point for Mike Tice and his "patchwork" offensive line.

One weakness that fully stands out is our lack of ability to pick-up blitzing linebackers, and quick defensive ends.  This is where we were most vulnerable against the NY Giants.  We can't let that happen again. Up to this point, Tice has been pretty much given a pass regarding our O-Line woes.  Yes, we should have brought an abundance of un-drafted rookie offensive lineman, but we were to busy collecting tight ends.  Either way you like at it, Tice has a lot to prove this Sunday.

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