Cutler Beginning To Show Signs Of Maturity

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In the past two games against formidable opponents, we've seen our franchise QB perform very well. This past Sunday's performance (against one of the top teams in the NFC) was simply a work of "perfection" throwing 4 TDs,

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and no INTs.  What stuck with me the most however was Jay Cutler's post-game comments.  The statements made by Cutler at the podium were a clear indication that:

  • Cutler (as a true leader should) is truly concerned about the success of the 'team" then just his own.
  • He understands that he "must" play on a high level, and play extremely well for the Bears to win games.
  • He's willing look back at the game films, and correct areas of opportunity.
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 As some of you may have read, Cutler has been compared (by some) to QB Jeff George a player who had all the attributes and tools for greatness, but lacked the heart of a winner.  I took a good look at Jeff George's career and

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Journeyman QB Jeff George

discovered some key evidence as to perhaps why JG's career hit the skids.  In George's first 3 years in the league (with The Indy Colts) George had three different head coaches (Ron Meyer, Rick Venturi, and Ted Marchibroda).  By the time Marchibroda made his return to the Colts, George was already riding the bench.

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Jeff George then wound up in Atlanta where he played 2 years for yet another failed coach in June Jones.  George then migrated to Oakland where played for a year and a half for Joe Bugel, and Jon Gruden (when Gruden took charge Rich Gannon was the man, and George once again rode the pine).  From 1999 - 2001 Jeff George ended his career as a back-up playing for Minnesota and Washington, and 4 different coaches.

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I strongly believe that the stability that Cutler has enjoyed playing for very good coaches, and getting great tutelage by great coordinators has made a

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difference in his development.  Mike Martz (needless-to-say) has made a huge in impact in Cutler's progress this year.  Lovie Smith has been a breath of fresh-air for the young QB who came to Chicago after a "stormy" relationship with (the coach he never played for) Josh McDaniel.

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Cutler has even made strides in his relationships with the players as well.  Once being called "aloof" Cutler has forged strong relationships with several players, namely TE Greg Olson.  Cutler has also played-down his once

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developing Hollywood image.  You don't hear much about Kristen Callaveri these days.  Jay's focus is on football right now, and directing the Chicago Bears to a playoff-berth and beyond.

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Yes, I'm becoming a believer in Jay's ability lead the Bears week-to-week.  However, the time of testing has not ended.  Cutler has yet to face the defensive units of The Jets, Patriots, and another round with both The Packers and The Vikings.  We need Cutler at his "absolute-best" if we are to win those games.  

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