Is It Time For Chicago To Finally Stop Celebrating The '85 Bears!?

Let me answer quickly, and cut right to the chase; NO!!!

In this month's cover story of The Bear Report,
editor at large John M. Crist writes a cover article which could not
have come at the WORST of times.  John, we just blew two win-able home
games to two substandard teams.  Our franchise "stud" (Jay Cutler) is
looking more and more like a "dud".  Not to mention the lack of
leadership that we continue to see from the top on down.  Hell Yeah! I'd
like to Turn-The-Page too as you put it, but what else do we have to
remember fondly, our 2006 failure with Rex Grossman and leaving whatever
hopes we had for a Super Bowl Crown in the Florida rain?

No, I'd
rather have the 1985 hangover as you characterized as well.  Hub Arkush
talks about a young team in '85 that never returned to another Super
Bowl, but he failed to mention the real masterminds behind one of the
greatest organizational failures in NFL history.  You even had the
AUDACITY to compare Jim McMahon to Rex Grossman.

85 Victory Ride.jpg

SHAME ON YOU JOHN CRIST! Shame on you for being at the head of one Chicago Bear fans primary information resource, only to give us the kind of journalism from someone who TRULY has no love for our team, it's history, tradition, and most of the great players who made us proud to be Bear Fans.  Don't be surprised if you start seeing (if it has not happened already) fans coming to Soldiers Field with bags over their heads.

Yes, it's always practical to move-on as you say, but what do we have to look for in the future?  This city deserves better ownership and leadership that TRULY cares like Pappa Bear did.  That's why Halas's last move brought Bear Fans what we sought the most, the return of The Monsters Of The Midway.  So don't make fun of us, and our Bourbon Street bartenders.  They have more brains then the current so-called Bear brain-trust....  

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