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Are You Waiting for "Someday" to Write a Book?

  I’m making slow progress with my next book–progress which feels like it is moving at a snail’s pace.   I wanted the book done and published by this month, but several things changed the course of the writing.  Today, I came across Tony Robbin’s little piece of wisdom: “No matter how many mistakes you... Read more »

Joel Boggess: Leaving a Corporate Job to Embrace His Passion

  Every morning, Joel Boggess woke up before his wife and put on his suit and tie.  He spent the day in long meetings at Morgan Stanley, wheeling and dealing in investments. He spent long evenings networking.  When he arrived home, he didn’t have much left in him.  His wife was last on the daily... Read more »

Mina Shah, Top Trainer for Anthony Robbins

I met Mina Shah at a Send Out Cards gathering a few weeks ago and learned that she is one of the top trainers with the Anthony Robbins Company.  A little voice inside of me wanted to learn more about this gal– how did she end up working for Tony Robbins? Mina’s journey with Tony... Read more »