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Killing Yourself Over a Disability

Until this morning, I had never heard Christina Shymanski’s name.  Her smiling picture popped up on a news source.  Her story… broke my heart.  Christina made the decision last fall to starve herself to death.  It took two months before she drew her final breath. Her reason for leaving this earth began with an accident... Read more »

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

“You have such a nice life,” an acquaintance said to me recently.  “There’s always something exciting going on, or you’re going here and there or accomplishing all these different things.  My life is so boring next to yours!” There was so much I wanted to say to this person, but the time and circumstances didn’t... Read more »

Meeting Chad Hymas

I was doing a search on Twitter for people with disabilities when the name, @chadlhymas came up.  At the age of 27, Chad Hymas’ life took an unexpected path when a bale of hay fell on him and broke his neck.  A year and half later, Chad broke a world record by wheeling from Utah to Las... Read more »