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How Writing on the Bedroom Walls Led to a One Direction Music Video

“Mom, can I write on my walls?” When my teenage daughter asked me that question, I had to probe further.  “What do you plan on writing on the walls?” I asked. In the previous years, Lauren had requested permission for many different ways of expressing herself. Multiple ear piercings. Belly button piercing. Tattoos. I suddenly... Read more »

Saying Goodbye to Childhood

  My daughter recently cleaned out her room and ended up with a few bags of stuff to give away, sell or toss out.  One of the bags contained her Bratz dolls and all the accessories.  While she was out hanging with her cousins yesterday, I sat down to sort through the dolls and get... Read more »

Parenting Teens: It's Hard to Let Go

Whenever I tell someone I have three teenagers, I usually get one of those “oh-my-gawd-that’s-the-hardest-time-of-parenthood” looks.  It’s usually followed by horror stories if they’ve already been down that path. For the most part, I’ve been blessed with three teens who haven’t given me too much trouble.  For me, the hardest part of this motherhood-of-teens stuff... Read more »

Expressing Motherhood Show Coming to Chicago

Do you have a funny, poignant story about the journey of motherhood? Now’s your chance to get on stage and share it.  Expressing Motherhood Is Headed To The Midwest For A Chicago Show! Submissions will open in the next few weeks and all the details are here: Chicago Submission and Show Information. Expressing Motherhood has... Read more »

The Screaming Mom at Christmas

Two days before Christmas, I yelled at my daughter. It was one of those moments that came so suddenly out of the blue with a fierceness that surprised me.  We had just finished our dinner and I brought the laptop to the table.  I wanted to do a family activity where each kid came up... Read more »

When a School Tells You to Change Your Kid's Name

Little Hunter Spanjer is only three years old, but officials at his preschool want him to change his name.  Or more specifically, they want his family to assign a new “name sign” to the kid. Because you see, Hunter is deaf and his name in sign language represents a potential weapon.  And as you know,... Read more »

Surviving the Summer with Teenagers

Ten teens at the lake for five days. It wasn’t exactly planned.  The oldest kiddo invited some deaf friends.  And then a few more.  And three girlfriends showed up.  Plus two cousins.  And that’s how we ended up with ten teenagers along with seven adults– a full house. We have a little tray in a... Read more »

Helping Expectant Military Moms via Operation Precious CARgo

Awhile back, a friend of mine was pregnant when her husband was deployed to Iraq.  It was a rough time for her, as she miscarried their baby at twenty weeks.  So when Chevy contacted me to submit my name as a team captain for Operation Precious CARgo, I didn’t hesitate.  I thought of my friend... Read more »

Deborah Gilboa: From Stage Manager to Doctor

I absolutely love meeting new folks via social media and when Deborah Gilboa (@AskDocG) crossed my Twitter stream, I wanted to find out more about her.  After we hung up our phone chat, I sat back in awe.  If there was ever a real-life Superwoman, I have found her.  I’m convinced of it.  Family doctor. ... Read more »