Lynn Huber: Creating a Career Out of Network Marketing

lynn and richard huber socWith my own foray into network marketing, I've been fortunate to cross paths with some amazing people. Lynn Huber is one of them.  Our love for SendOutCards had us crossing paths online.  Her posts caught my eye on Facebook--every day, she posts something uplifting and frequently provides something of value in everything she does.  I took some time to talk with her and find out her journey of success in network marketing.

When Lynn Huber signed up with Avon, she was already working 60 to 70 hours a week as a Marketing Director for a food distributor and commuting one and half hours to work each day.  She figured Avon would give her a few hundred dollars to pay for a website she created.  "My husband and I love square dancing and we created a website around it," said Lynn.  "At that time, the website was expensive and we were just looking for extra funds."

To her surprise, after a year and half of working as an Avon representative, Lynn had enough money to pay cash for a new car--a whole new experience for her.  She and her husband Richard began to wonder what would happen if they went "all in" with their focus.  "I was a corporate marketing director living the American Dream.  We had never considered a home business before, but at that turning point, we had nothing to lose." Lynn and Richard dove into their business with every extra minute they had.  Two years later, Lynn quit her job. Four years later, Richard quit his. Running their own business from home gave them what they really wanted: the freedom to spend their time any way they wanted.

lynn and richard huber

The secret to their success is using systems for everything.  Mailing services, automatic phone calls, and web services are some of the tools they use in their businesses. "Think about what you spend your time on--is that the best use of your time?" said Lynn. "Figure out what you can delegate--look at whether it's worth  your return on sales. It's trial and error, but it will pay off."

Today, Lynn donates her Avon products to a local women's shelter and has shifted her focus to running two other network marketing businesses. Long gone are the days of heavy credit card debt, the grueling commute and the endless hours at the same job.  Her day starts off with a beautiful view of the forest from her backyard and a dedication to helping others achieve success in their business.  "The highlight for me one year was winning a cruise," said Lynn. "With about five million people in the company, I had made it to the top for that incentive. At the company convention, I was pulled on stage to share my story. But the real highlight was that I helped two others win a cruise.  They were dirt poor when they started and they had never been on a vacation before. You start to appreciate what you can do for others--to see them living better and better--that feels good."


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