Are You Living a Full Life or Just Existing?

For many years, Kimanzi Constable was just existing through each day.  He was making a pretty good living delivering bread into the early hours of every morning but life had become mediocre and routine.  He felt stuck. Without a degree or specialized experience, he was doomed into a life of complacency.

Or so, he thought

Little by little, Kimanzi made some changes in his life.  He began by visualizing a different kind of life. He wanted more from life--he wanted to live his dreams, not just exist from day to day.  He is now a writer and international speaker. Last week, he released another book: "Are You Living or Existing?"


In his book, Kimanzi outlines nine practical steps to change your life. Throughout it all, Kimanzi shares his own ups and downs and breakthroughs. I recognized a lot of those steps as I read through the book, as three years ago, I had a breakthrough of my own.  I unwrapped a long-buried passion for barefoot water skiing and I'm learning new things on the water every time I go out.  I no longer work as a Sales Manager--instead, I'm working for myself-- speaking, writing, and coaching.  It isn't smooth sailing, nor is it easy, but it's fulfilling, exhilarating and challenging all at the same time.  I'm also working for Hands & Voices, a non-profit organization. Every day, I get to make a difference in the lives of families with deaf and hard of hearing children. I get to do work which makes an impact--work which matters.

And that's what "Are You Living or Existing" is all about.  "At the end of your life you won't remember all the 'stuff' you had," says Kimanzi.  "You'll remember all of your incredible experiences, so live your life to the fullest!"

A little dry land barefooting practice while reading "Are You Living or Existing?"

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