Jeff David, Finding His True Calling


Jeff David uncovered his passion for cooking during a mission trip to the Philippines as a young adult.  He was fascinated at the 16 different kinds of rice he found on the open markets and he enjoyed the different flavors he savored from a very different culture.  At the end of his trip, he came home, got married and went to work as a realtor.  Life settled into a typical routine.

Ten years went by before Jeff began to question the lull of the daily life. Something was missing.  He was rushing through life, rushing through dinner and just plain 'ole caught up in the busyness of every day.  He thought back to pace of life in the Philippines; cooking was a two-or-three hour process. "I have a passion for cooking," said Jeff. "My wife doesn't like to cook-- she likes to paint and go to Home Depot--but I don't like that stuff."  Jeff spent hours here and there indulging in his passion, but it always came at the expense of other, more important things. "I cooked when I had time, but the problem is, when you wait to do something for 'when you have time,' it never happens."

But Jeff started to notice when he was deep into the hours of prep work to produce a savory meal, time flew by.  Two years ago, he realized the giant within was awakening and he could no longer ignore the desire to dive deep into his passion.  He hired a life coach and began to explore the emotional triggers he was feeling inside.  "We all have something unique in us," said Jeff.  "If we can find our true calling and life true to that, we will be able to do things that are purposeful and profitable--and grow with that."

Jeff knew he had to take his cooking to the next level, so he enrolled in classes and began to learn from other chefs.  Soon, people began asking him to cook for them and he began doing cooking presentations. His passion grew.  Everything became about food. He started a blog and began sharing his passion with others, including reviews of little-known restaurants. "My goal is to become an authority about the best dives in the state of Utah," said Jeff. "If someone visits Utah, I want them to be able to find the best places to eat and I want it to be a food adventure for them."

Jeff's dream is to turn his passion for cooking into his life's full-time work and he's slowly laying the foundation for that to unfold.  He's working closely with another chef who is mentoring him and he's learning all that he can in the process.

"Great things begin to happen in your life when you share your passions and you embrace who you really are."

Recipes, reviews, and a dose of passion at: Hometown Slop.



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