Boldness is Not the Absence of Fear

                                                          Tim True, Minnesota


"A lot of people think that bold people have no fear. That’s not true. Boldness is not the absence of fear, but rather, the recognition that the best things are worth conquering your fear over."


I found the above quote from Randy Gage awhile back, but it has been simmering in my mind for a while.  I recently interviewed a barefoot water skier for a book and during the interview, he explained he still felt fear every time he approached the ramp to jump over it at 45 mph on his bare feet.  Never mind that barefoot jumping was his favorite event and the one event he excelled at, he still had to face his fear every time he approached the ramp.  Anyone watching him go boldly over the jump would have no clue of the fear simmering inside of him on every approach.

How many times do we look at bold, successful people and think, "They're not afraid of anything--they have no fear!"

But the truth is, bold, successful people push right through the very same fears which hold most people back.  There's a quote by Ambrose Redmoon that sums it up:  "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."

So it comes down to this: how bad do you want what you want?  How deep is the desire?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get where you want to go, to do what you want to do, to accomplish what you want to accomplish?

Are you willing to push through the fear to get there?


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