Surviving the Summer with Teenagers

Ten teens at the lake for five days.

It wasn't exactly planned.  The oldest kiddo invited some deaf friends.  And then a few more.  And three girlfriends showed up.  Plus two cousins.  And that's how we ended up with ten teenagers along with seven adults-- a full house.

We have a little tray in a cabinet on the pontoon where everyone tosses their hearing aids and implants before diving into the water.  When I opened the cabinet to add my hearing aids to the mix, I had to smile at the thousands and thousands of dollars of technology casually piled up in one place.  The kids are so used to having this technology available to them--they often forget the hefty price tags attached to their devices.  But the parents-- ah--we stress over the devices and chastise our kids when they treat them with casual indifference.

It's easy to see the joy on their faces as they leap off the pontoon and barrel into the water.

I love hanging with teens.  They're so full of hope for the future and everything to come.  They know how to get right into the here and now.  They know how to laugh.

All around me, I see adults who have forgotten the formula of youth.   So the title of this post is really deceiving.  It should be "Thriving the Summer with Teenagers."

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