The Passion Test, Featured in O Magazine

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It was no surprise to see The Passion Test featured in the November issue of O Magazine.   For the last year, I have been recommending this book, (along with Aspire by Kevin Hall), to those who are seeking change in their lives.  The Passion Test, by Janet and Chris Attwood, is the "effortless path to discovering your destiny."

The book came about from a recommendation by Stephen Hopson, a friend of mine who is a transformational speaker.  "You have to read this book," he said. "It will help you get clear on what you want from life and which path you want to take."  I was hesitant at first, for I had promised the hubby that I would not add any more books to the piles around the house.  But there I was, pounding away at the keyboard and ordering the book.

A year later, I can't thank Stephen enough for recommending the book.  Topping the list was a new-found passion for barefoot water skiing.  My desire was simple: I wanted to barefoot all year long.  Every month of the year.  A crazy thing, because I live in Chicagoland, where the lakes are frozen for part of the year.  And I wanted to compete in tournaments, even though I was struggling to just to stand up on the water.  Not to mention that I was doing all this at the age of 45, more than 20 years after becoming deaf from a fall while barefoot water skiing.

But in the Passion Test, the Attwoods encourage you to dream big.  And they caution you not to get bogged down in the "hows."  How will I afford it? How will I learn this?  How will I find the time? Focus on the what, and the how will take care of itself along the journey.

And there's another important principle in the book:

"When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent that you are clear."

Sure enough, once I became clear on the passions, the journey began to unfold.  Trip after trip to the World Barefoot Center materialized with training time from the World barefoot champions.  Barefooters from all over began reaching out on Facebook and inviting me to barefoot with them.  Sponsors began to appear from unexpected places-- a chance meeting, a connection from someone, a casual conversation.  I attended four tournaments, including the Barefoot Nationals in Texas, with General Motors supplying a vehicle for the trip.  My skills on the water improved by leaps and bounds; in one year, I went from standing up on the water to barefooting backwards on one foot (in a training shoe) with both hands in the air.  And to top it off, my story was shared in espnW, Ability magazine, MORE magazine, and Chicken Soup for the Soul Find Your Happiness.

Last summer, I didn't even envision this.  I couldn't see beyond the struggles of spending the entire summer just trying to stand up on the water.

So when I heard  Janet Attwood was coming to Chicago, I pulled out my vision list.  Yup, her name was on that list.  I was supposed to attend a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that night, but the choice was easy.  I had learned it from The Passion Test:

Whenever you are faced with a choice a decision, or an opportunity, choose in favor of your passions.


karen putz and janet attwood

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