Don't Like Your Life? Make Different Choices

Cedar Lake sunrise

At a recent party, a friend was unloading about life.  "Man, I envy you-- you're really living the life!  You're traveling, you're out on the boat barefooting, you're having fun!  I wish I could do that."

My friend went on to tell me how miserable his life had become.  How he wished he could enjoy life on the water.  The worse part?  He has a house on the water and hasn't touched the water for years.  He never did buy the jet ski or boat that he dreamed of.  And he moved into that house...

Twenty years ago.

"You're so lucky," he continued.  "You're working from home and you've got your jet ski and your boat."

So here we go again.

It's about the choices we make.  If you don't like your life, there is a solution: make different choices.  There will be things you may not be able to change, but those things are often few.  The real reality is that you can change a lot.  It may require sacrifices.  Hard work.  Hard choices.  If you can't change a situation you're in, you can change your attitude toward it.

I came across a quote by Joseph Fort Newton that reflects this perfectly:

We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life.  But we can decide what happens in us... how we can take it, what we can do with it... and that is what really counts in the end.

This morning, Chris Brogan wrote a great post:  You Have What It Takes.  Here's what he says about choice:

Where we get confused is when we forget that we make these choices. We decide where we live. No one has forced us there. We decide which job we have taken. There are no guns to our head. We decide which career we spend our days practicing. If you are not doing what you choose to do with your time, then that is a choice. Your choice. You’ve made this choice.

Every morning that we have the privilege of waking up to--  it's a brand new start to a brand new day.  And the thing is, we don't know if the next breath is going to happen.  So why waste it on a life that you're not enjoying?

Make different choices.  Start right now.

If you don't, then twenty years from now, you're going to see the same results.








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