What Not To Wear is Looking for Chicago Gals

I received an email from Meghan Griffin, the casting producer for TLC's What Not to Wear-- she's looking for some great gals in the Chicago area who are in serious need of a wardrobe makeover. I know my niece in California is screaming, "nominate my Aunt Karen!" but let me tell you, I'm perfectly happy working from home in my ratty t-shirts.  Besides, Coconut Bliss just recently sent me a rockin new t-shirt that fits me to... well... a T!  I look mighty spiffy in it.

karen putz coconut bliss WBC.jpg

So, if you know someone who could use some new duds, here's what to do:

What Not to Wear is NOW CASTING in Chicago!!

TLC is coming to Chicago and
we need YOU to nominate a friend, family member or co-worker whose wardrobe is
screaming for a make-over! If you know someone who has a big, great personality
and a bad, unfortunate wardrobe we want to hear from you! The city is filled
with unique individuals who aren't dressing to their full

About the show:

"WHAT NOT TO WEAR" provides fashion
intervention to people nominated by friends/family/co-worker as someone who
desperately needs a style overhaul! Fashion experts, Stacy London and Clinton
Kelly then confront the person and reveal their plan to teach them "WHAT NOT TO
WEAR" sorting through the person's current wardrobe and providing them with
rules for maximizing their best assets and personal style. They are given a
credit card worth $5,000, and it's time to hit the shops.
After a
consultation with Stacy and Clinton on these new clothing choices, along with a
dramatic hair and makeup revamp, viewers will see a complete transformation and
a stunning reveal.

Visit the website:

For fashion before
and after photos visit the official Web site of "WHAT NOT TO WEAR" at
www.discovery.com and click on TLC.
More than 10,000 people per month are
nominated by their friends and family members through the Web.

Connect with the TLC Audience:

TLC is in 85 million homes
in the US
23.3 million viewers tune into TLC each week
83 million viewers
tune in to watch TLC each month
TLC ranks #1 in concentration of upscale
adults 25-54 and 18-49 in prime time
'What Not to Wear' averages over 1.3
million viewers per week.

To nominate someone for the show please
send the following info

Meghan Griffin / Casting Associate








Home location:

Describer her

Describe her style in full detail:

At least 2
pictures that illustrate her lack of style:

Nominator's contact info:

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  • I wish I knew someone to nominate! A great opportunity to give someone new confidence and wardrobe.

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