The Roast of Chris Brogan

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Chris Brogan is usually the one on stage giving a presentation, but last night, he was on stage shifting in his seat as the first few minutes of the "Roast of Chris Brogan" began. If you're asking yourself, "Who is Chris Brogan?" then you might want to get to know this amazing guy a little more. Chris summed it up best at the end of his roast-- Chris is just like you and me.  A guy who found his passion and happens to be making a living from it.

I met Chris back in 2008 at the second annual SOBCon where he was giving a presentation something about... I think it was... social media.  What I remember most about this guy was that he was so darned down-to-earth and friendly.  He proudly announced that he was wearing an eight-dollar shirt from Walmart. He looked pretty spiffy in it, too.

Last night's event was hosted by Cd Vann, who runs unGeeked Elite. Jason Falls was the emcee and he did a bang up job keeping everyone laughing. The highlight for me that night was meeting Chris' rockin' parents, Diane and Steve. Warm, friendly and down-to-earth.  I see where Chris gets it from.

Cd generously provided me with an interpreter, and Tammi did an awesome job keeping up with the number of F-bombs that were dropped that night. I'm sure the audience learned a few raunchy signs. They surely couldn't miss the moment when Chris signed "I have to go to the bathroom," and then made a much-needed bolt to the men's room.  Yes, this guy who does everything under the sun even knows a few signs, including "thank you," which he signed over and over that night.

The real thanks goes back to you Chris, because you have this uncanny ability to teach the rest of us so much from your blog, not just about marketing, social media and the other stuff-- but teaching us about life-- about being yourself in a world that constantly tries to make us out to be something we're not.

There's no need for me to recap the event, because Chris Brogan, the ultimate social media king and ultra-fast typist, wrote up a great summary:

On Being Roasted

Frankly, I'm in awe at how he captured the whole thing in a post. I'm pretty sure he had to dig into a bottle of Advil this morning.


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