There's No Snow Day When You Work From Home

blizzard of 2011.jpg

My kids are so excited about the upcoming snow day tomorrow.  For them, it means a day of lounging around and watching one meaningless TV show after another.  They plan to bake some cookies and perhaps play a few games.  I've got some cleaning chores for them to tackle and the middle kid has a great book that she plans to snuggle up with.

It's just another day for me-- I work from home.  On days like this, I'm reminded how thankful that can be.  A friend of mine just posted on Facebook that her husband was still stranded on the road.  He left at 2:30... she posted nearly three and half hours later... and he was almost home.

So while it's just another day for me, the best part of all:  I can take a break and go build a snowman with the kids. 


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