The Dog Behind the Doritos Pug Attack Commercial

Joann O'Connor sat glued to the TV during the Super Bowl.  Not only is the Wisconsin resident a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, but she was looking forward to watching the Doritos "Pug Attack" commercial.   Oko No No, the affable pug, belongs to her son Scott, who is an artist.  Joann's daughter-in-law, Julieanne, (married to Scott's brother, Mark) also starred in the commercial.

The commercial was produced and filmed for a mere $500 at Mark and Julianne's home in  California.  Joann's husband, Wally, was on hand to watch the filming. Thanks to some savvy grassroots internet marketing, (Joann made sure to email and Facebook the barefoot water skiing community) the commercial went viral and produced enough votes to make it into the final three for the Super Bowl out of over 5,000 commercials submitted.  Before the Super Bowl was over, the commercial's producer, J. R. Birmingham was notified that the commercial had won the winning spot for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest.  The winning prize: a million dollars.


"My husband and I sat down to watch the Super Bowl, and when we saw 'Pug Attack' come on, we knew it had made it into the top three," said Joann. "It was the most thrilling thing to see the commercial, knowing the people who made it.  To have it win first place was even more incredible."

The commercial's producer plans to make sure that Oko No No has plenty of treats to munch on as her reward.

I'm sure an occasional bag of Doritos is on the list, too.


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