About Colleen

If it's written down, it's got to be worth reading! My name is Colleen, and I am an enthusiast for books and literature. I love it so much that I got a Masters in English Literature because I wanted to write a 60 paged thesis paper.

So a little about me! I wanted to be a writer ever since I fell in love with the movie The Shining. First thing that is ironic about that statement is the fact that a movie made me want to be a writer. Second thing: the writer in the story goes crazy and tries to murder people. I guess we can say I'm a strange one who loves irony.

While I began with an interest in fiction writing, I quickly switched over to a love of writing about Literature. I obtained a BA in English from University of Illinois and then completed my MA in English Literature at Roosevelt University.



My research interests include 18th and 19th century British Literature as well as Women's Literature in American and British culture. I've often considered an additional degree in Cultural Anthropology but my student loans tell me it's time for a break from higher education.

 For my Thesis Research Paper, I chose to focus on learning in Harry Potter. Yes, I am very much a fan of the series and this is no place to disrespect Queen Rowling. Though, I would be happy to have a conversation about it if you really, really don't like Harry Potter.

What I really love about literature is its ability to spark a real conversation due to the fact that it is not possible for two people to read one text and have the exact same interpretation. So much depends on perspective and experiences in life that every text is different to each and every person. That is an amazing fact when you really think about the scope of it. My children (or nieces and nephews since I have no children) will read the same books as me, but it will have a completely different meaning. That is true magic.

I welcome input from my readers and suggested books to read and discuss. So please send me your thoughts, comments, disagreements,  hate-email, and whatever words you want to send my way.

Thank you for reading and remember that literature and art has a place in every home, society, and culture.