That awkward moment when you run out of pump supplies

I have to admit, even though, I am not such a bad diabetic there are things I am still learning. This week is a prime example. I learned that my pump supplies were not set for automatic re-order. It is not such a big deal since I have a pen filled with life saving insulin, but it is still jarring.

It was surprising because it seems most people would want it to order automatically . Especially since there is not cure for type 1 diabetes. I know it is my own fault for not doing my due diligence and making sure.

Here I am awaiting my pump supplies to arrive and slumming it with injections. It is a flashback to days gone by. Though it is not that long ago, I remember those days. I think about how nice it is not to have to inject every day. I love my pump because it makes my quality of life better. It makes me feel like a person with a fully functional pancreas. It makes me feel like can fight crime. Okay, maybe not the last part. One day though, I mean who doesn't want to be a super hero.

I digress...

I am now set up for automatic re-order now, ensuring that I will never run out of supplies for my pump. It makes me wonder how it arrived last time. Do they have the power of mind reading? Do they know what I am thinking now? If so I expect a burrito to arrive at any moment.

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