The Affect Adrenaline Has on My Levels

I have started to realize something that has always been apparent.  The adrenaline rush I get when I get off stage affects my blood glucose level.   A couple of days ago I did a show in Champaign, IL and when I tested my levels before driving home.  I was a little high.  It was nothing terrible, but I hadn’t eaten anything and my levels all day were pretty good, so I concluded that it is the rush I get on stage.

I suppose it all makes sense.  Adrenaline affects your body chemistry in many ways.  For me it is a rush of high glucose.  I cannot help it, I love the stage, I love entertaining folks and the self-centered part of me likes being the center of attention.

I do not drink in clubs, usually just diet cokes and water.  So I know that is not affecting my levels unless I am misunderstood and am accidentally slipped a coke.  This has happened on many occasions.  I think I would be the first comedian to be taken by diabetes.  That is definitely not the cool way to go.

I suppose the best way to handle this is give myself maybe a little bit of insulin before I take the stage.  Nothing incredible just maybe 1 or 2 units to cover whatever rush I feel that night.  Better yet maybe I should wait until after my set because if I have a bad night there is little adrenaline.

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