Steroids are Making Me Look Like a Bad Diabetic Again

Yesterday I went to a hip doctor and I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hips.  Nothing terribly serious it happens to a lot of people but the pain is often unbearable.  I was told that physical therapy and steroids were an option for treatment.  I did not have to take the steroids but I was anxious to kill the pain even only if temporarily.

I was a little tentative about the decision to take steroids because I knew it would have an effect on my blood glucose.  Boy, did it ever, I went up to the mid-300s by evening.  I changed the basal rate on my pump and that seemed to lower my levels a bit.

It was not an easy decision though I made it seem so with my quick answer. I had a feeling that no matter the diagnosis I was going to be treated with steroids so I contemplated it on my drive to the doctor.  I made the decision because the pain was also raising my glucose level in my blood, so it seemed to make sense that if I address the pain I could deal with the highs all at once.

Diabetics have to make these tough choices sometimes.  It is not always easy, but we have to do whatever it takes for a better quality of life.  The pain was so intense that I had to call of work on Monday.

I have taken to eating a lot less carbs while the steroids take effect.  I am hoping all of these measures will compensate for what the steroids are doing to me.  I am just happy I finally have a diagnosis and treatment options for it.  It is a minor inconvenience that in the end will be worth it.

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