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As if living with a diabetic diet is not bad enough, my female counter-part wants to go on a diet.  I should advise her to hop on my diabetic diet.  I can have more than 75 carbs per meal now that I have the pump but I am sticking to it.  I am getting to an age where my metabolism will start to slow and I do not want to be fat.

Though I could use the fat when trying to find a spot for my pump, this is still an issue.  I have also been having pain in my hips which I believe is being caused by my healing broken foot.  I think all of this has been causing my blood levels to go whacky.  They are not consistently bad but it has been spiking a lot lately.  Figures too that it is the week I have to see my endocrinologist.  They are always all over the place when I have to go see her.

As far as dieting goes I am not concerned that it will affect me much.  She is trying to keep herself at 1200 calories a day.  I do not know how many calories I eat in a day my only real concern is carbs.  I feel like I am still losing weight.  I notice it more when I am sleeping and my legs are on top of each other, I can feel the bone on bone, especially on my knees.

There is little left for me to lose fat.  I can also tell then I am searching for the aforementioned pump site.  My options seem to be decreasing each time.  I am not trying to complain, I think it will help other diabetics to see what other diabetics go through.  In the end this disease is just an inconvenience but it can be less so with the support of others.  If you need support shoot me an e-mail.

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