My Pump Still Frustrates Me.

Sometimes my pump can be frustrating even though I have had it for months now.  Just a couple of days ago it was time to switch out my pump.  As I mentioned here before the pump site has to be a fatty area.  This leaves me with very few choices, which means that I have to cross my fingers and make a small sacrifice to the gods of diabetes and hope I found a good spot.

As luck would have it, I usually do not find out until I cannot do anything about it.  This last time I woke in the morning to a good blood glucose level.  Then I had breakfast and went to work.  Something was amiss I started to not feel so great.  I had some nausea and has to urinate a lot.  These were both signs of hyperglycemia.

On my first break, I checked my blood again and sure enough I was in the 300s.  I became rather frustrated, because I did not have pump supplies at work.  I had most of what I needed except my infusion set, the tubing that delivers the insulin.  I needed it at home because I ran out.  I always bring a syringe with me to work just in case I am in a bind and need to give myself a shot when my pump fails.

I try not to use it and I did not that day.  I stuck with the pump and had faith that the spot was fine and maybe it was just a mistake I made counting carbs.  Yes, it was a big risk but since I did not eat anything on break I felt safe waiting to see if my pump would work.

When lunch came around it seemed that my levels were normalizing so I think I was right.  It is still frustrating with this disease that I have to wait to see if I found a good site.  I still think site I chose was borderline at best and not the best site use but my blood glucose readings have been okay over the last few days.  The back of my thighs seem to be the goldmine, I just need to move it around enough so scar tissue does not form.  Otherwise I will have to take up binge eating so I can become fatter in other areas.

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