Insulin vs. iPad: My struggle

I think one of the most difficult hurdles for diabetics is affording healthcare.   Sure it might be easy for those with health insurance provided by work, but what about those without?  I have health insurance through work but my prescription is through a paid prescription card.  This means a little comes out of my check and is matched by my company and goes on a debit card.

Before I went on the pump this was a good idea, but now it is a pain.  My insulin alone is almost $300 when it is time to refill.  One major issue with this disease is the lack of treatment by diabetics themselves.  With prices like these it is easy to understand why some might be wary of taking proper care of themselves.

I am not there and cannot imagine I ever will be, but I do not have enough on my card to cover the $300 which means $200 comes out of my bank account.  Being a comedian with a low paying day job, $200 stings, you cannot put a price on health but this is ridiculous.  I am going to start asking my friends to drain some insulin out of the pancreases and donate it to me.  Actually now that I have read that aloud it does not seem so crazy.

I have been lucky to have a doctor who gives me vials when she can but insulin runs out before I am scheduled to see her and I am forced to pick between saving for an iPad and buying insulin.  Sometimes I am tempted because if I end up back in the hospital, at least I will have a sweet iPad.

Hopefully with the Affordable Care Act this will no longer be an issue for diabetics.  It seems unfair that folks have to pick between an iPad and insulin, I mean I cannot be the only one.

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