Almond: Food of wonder

I may have a light addiction, I cannot get enough almonds.  Yes I am aware of their high fat count but I cannot get enough.  Anything almond related I wish to consume.  My addiction makes me break into Yoda talk. Sorry

Anyway, back to my point, almond milk, almond butter, or just good old fashioned in nut form.  I heart almonds, enough to say that I heart them.  They are the perfect diabetic food, for those who dig snacks.  Always low in carbs and always delicious, if you meet someone who says they do not like almonds they are lying, or they are not from this universe.

I like putting them in my oatmeal it gives it a nice crunch, and earthy taste.  You can even get away with grabbing a quick handful if you want a small in between meal snack.  Honestly the high fat count does not worry me, I am already losing a lot of weight(at least 14 pounds since February).   If you have issues with weight then you can still enjoy them as long as you are sensible about it.  I, on the other hand, have never been sensible.

So join me in enjoying every almond and if you would like to donate to my almond fun or have almonds to get rid of, e-mail me.


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