Glu: social media for diabetics

I am always on the lookout for new places to find support.  Did you know I found the diabetic equivalent to Facebook?  The site is called Glu and though I am quite new to it (I have 0 friends there so far) I have been enjoying getting to know the site.  The sign up is rather simple, if you have ever signed up for anything you can sign up for Glu.

In terms of layout it is similar to any social networking site, maybe not Twitter, with the basic layout of status updates and the comments that follow.  One thing I dig about the site is the question of the day which is an anonymous poll.  Today’s question was “Do you visit a podiatrist regularly?” you answer and a graph shows the results of the polls.  I find this helpful because it is a good way to gauge if your behavior is with the norm or if perhaps you need to ask questions of your endocrinologist.   I am in the majority of folks who have never seen a podiatrist, though I never considered it and now I am thinking I am supposed to.

There is a discussion page where you can ask questions of your fellow diabetics.  I enjoy reading the “Shouts” page, it is more or less a statement page of anything diabetic related, celebratory or gripes.  The “Latest News” page is basically a blog page.   I have not read it I am loyal to my Chicagonow friends and it feels adulterous.

Glu is just like any other social media site, for recreation but can also be helpful.  They also have an app available for iPhone and Android.  I am still waiting for game requests like pharmville, see what i did there?  Yes, I just gave myself a high five.

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