Eat a possum or be eaten?

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (that was a cheap way to get friends and followers) then you saw my story about a possible zombie possum or do you say opossum?  I will give you the short story here.

I came home the other day and noticed a dead-ish possum in the garbage can in the yard.  There was bit of rainwater forming a puddle next to its nose.  It appeared from the tiny waves that it was still breathing.  It looked dead, they are excellent at that.  Well done, possum kingdom, remember that song from the 90’s?  Anyway, I decided to turn the can on its side and when I came back out an hour later the possum was duhn duhn duhn, missing.

So it was either not dead or is now a dangerous brain craving zombie.

You might be asking “what does this have to do with diabetes?”  Well one of my friends and fellow blogger Crystal suggested that I ate it.  As appetizing as street vermin sounds, I would rather not.  I said that I did not think a possum fell within my diet.  She challenged me and I googled it as it turns out possums would be an excellent food for diabetics.

I has no carbs and is chock full of protein.  I am half tempted to try it for the sake of this blog, but just the thought of it makes my stomach turn.  I mean you do not know where a possum has been. In Chicago they are likely finding their food in our trash.  They just do not look like they would taste that great.

So no I will not be eating a possum, but I am on the lookout for the zombie possum.  Just because I won’t eat them does not mean they will not eat me.

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  • 1. Possums are known for playing possum. The only way to prove they are dead is to make them roadkill (one was not as fast as a rabbit in getting away from my moving car).

    2. Jed Clampett et possum.

    3. For similar reasons, I usually don't buy shark steaks. Somehow, eating something that can eat you doesn't sound appetizing.

  • In reply to jack:

    well this one was a great actor, though he almost became actual garbage so luckily for him I was thorough. Shark steak actually sounds good, but expensive so that is preventing me from trying it. thank you for reading,

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