Ask a diabetic.

There are many questions out there regarding diabetes.  There are also many myths.  Sometimes people believe the myths and think they know about the disease.  I asked some of my fellow Chicagonow bloggers what questions they had.  They asked I answered.  Thanks to all of them, click on their names to check out their respective blogs.

Tara Scalzo- Once you are diagnosed do you have to take insulin for the rest of your life or can you outgrow it?

Well type 1 is for life, insulin is a constant.  Some people inject multiple times daily, or if they are like me have a pump that gives a constant flow of insulin plus a little more for meals and highs.  Type 2 which is usually diagnosed in adults has been seen to be reversed in case with diet change.

Kim Strickland- I heard diabetes is dangerous during pregnancy, is that true?

In most cases a doctor would recommend pregnancy for women who have excellent control.  In those cases the danger is minimal.  I imagine they would have to monitor much closer for the duration of the pregnancy.

Ray Salazar- I hear people say “I’m a borderline diabetic”  at that point aren’t they pretty much diabetic?

Borderline suggests you are at high risk for diabetes it is also known as pre-diabetic, it can be prevented with diet change in many cases.  Sometimes, though they will become diabetic.

Jenna Myers Karvunidis- When I was kid they said if we ate too much sugar we’d be diabetic.  Is that true?

Well over eating can cause type 2 in adults.  To me what you were told is something moms say to get their kids to listen like making a face will get it stuck that way forever.

Fearless Leader of Chicagonow, Jimmy Greenfield- Do you have to take shots every day?  When do you need to eat candy bars? Did you think Jackie Gleason’s portrayal as a diabetic in “Nothing in Common’ was realistic?

Some take shots every day, some take oral meds, or the pump which is a constant flow.  Candy bars are for low blood sugar levels, hypoglycemia is the medical term” but pop or juice are the quickest.  Candy bars are just for fun.

Kay S.- I (think) it is a big misconception for the black community that diabetes is not a big deal, that they do not practice preventative lifestyle habits because they think that even they get it, it will be business as usual.

I am not aware that was the conception on a whole but I know some comedians who joke about it.  I also know a lot in the community accept it as fate as far as I know.  As far as I know it is past down the family tree but skips generations.  From what I have read the culprit is type 2 diabetes and diet is usually the issue.  It is most prevalent in obese folks, but that is also true for most races.

Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers for participating.  I want to do more articles like this, so if you have questions tweet me or e-mail me

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