The diabetic birthday lament

Yesterday was my birthday, most celebrate with cake and diabetics can too.  As long as you are cool with sliver of cake.  No one eats a sliver of anything that is why you cannot buy a utensil that measures a sliver.  I did indulge a bit though, I ate a sugar fee cupcake with dinner.  It still had 29 carbohydrates so I counted as part of my meal.

It was fantastic though I tried to make it last but in the interest of full disclosure I ate it in about 2 seconds.  I ate it so fast I only remember that it tasted good but I do not remember actually eating it if that makes sense.

I was forlorn, I did not get to enjoy it really.  That is fine though, I still have 3 cupcakes left or if I mush them together I have a giant carb filled meal of a regular slice of cake.  I am kidding of course, well maybe not, I do not know, I mean lunch is overrated right?  I could substitute my healthy lunch for an unhealthy dose of cake happiness.  Just one meal… it is tempting but the period between lunch and dinner is long I would be hungry by 2.

I know to a non-diabetic to complain of lack of cake is not a big deal but to us it is.  If I had one chance to cheat I would eat a giant red velvet cake.  No fork needed I would just dive in and only come up for air.  My face would be covered in dye from the cake and frosting for days.  I would be a mad man possessed.  Unstoppable.  I would not share not with children or friends I would enjoy every last bit of cake and probably lick the dish it was delivered on.  Sorry I just got lost in fantasy okay back to my lettuce.  Chomp chomp  chomp.

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