Pumpin' ain't easy...

Today marks one week with my insulin pump.  It has been a struggle, mostly because I am new to it, but it has also been wonderful.  Also, it has given me most of my week’s blog ideas, so right there it is paying off.

Yes, as mentioned it has taken some getting used to, I am still in the adjustment phase.  One major adjustment is the pump affects my walk and how I sit.  Not that it is that big of a deal but when I walk I notice myself shifting side to side so I do not get the tubing caught on something and risking the needle end tearing off and me screaming like a Justin Bieber fan.

Sitting is a twofold issue there is at least a couple of times a day I sit down and forget about the pump and it gets pushed into my side.  If it continues to happen then the insulin will have a much shorter trip.  When I am successfully seated I have to move the pump because it is everywhere I am trying to get comfortable.  Maybe my next pump will be plush and be a cushion for my rib cage.

All in all I am happy to have my fancreas, my life has been easier.  I have so many minutes now because of it.  I spent these minutes high fiving random people.  I do not know if I could have that life without my pump.  Next week I am going to use my additional minutes watching ants race.  Ah so much more time to waste, all thanks to my insulin pump.

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