Pork rinds, pickles and beef jerky

There are several snack foods that have zero carbs.  The unfortunate caveat is they are also high in sodium.  I am talking about pickles, pork rinds and beef jerky.   Foods I am not big fan of, but I am trying to learn to like them if I want to snack on something rather than something green.

I remember when I was younger my sister loved pickles.  She loved them so much that she made us save the juice so she could drink it.  I am sorry if this embarrasses her but I did not mention her name so no harm no foul, right, Kelly?  Oops.

Back to my original thought though, it is great that these foods have no carbs but sodium is bad for you too.  It seems like a cruel joke, I do not like these foods but man let me enjoy them worry free.  Although in the true words passed down through history, hot sauce makes everything better.  Maybe because if you burn the taste buds enough you no longer can taste the pork rinds.

Pork rinds just sounds disgusting, could they not have come up with a better name?  Maybe “Dry, crisp kind of bacon”?  I know it does not roll of the tongue but maybe I could pretend to like it more.  Also, I am sorry snapping into a beef stick just seems wrong.  I would rather my food not snap when I bite into it.

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  • Chicharrones is the other term.

    The sodium angle hit me as soon as I saw the headline.

    I see that someone brought back Moo and Oink hot links in beef, turkey, and pork (available in chain supermarkets), and they must be really bad if the nutrition information is based on half a link.

  • Yeah, I try to not eat these foods unless I need to partly because they don't taste great but also the sodium. Thank you for reading

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