My pump life

So my last post was on the day of my insulin pump training.  I had every intention of posting about the class but in all honesty it was unremarkable.  My trainer was great and I learned a ton but really it was a training class the only thing missing was the cheesy training video featuring bad actors and bad hair.

Now as for the pump, yeah it is pretty groovy.  It comes with a meter that wirelessly communicates with the pump and tells it my blood glucose level.  Then the pump says hey you could use some insulin, no it does not talk but the LED screen says as much.  I can also type in the number of grams of carbs my meal will have and based on all of that information the pump gives me insulin.

It is like a fake pancreas so I have dubbed it my fancreas.  In all honesty I have watched a lot of “Terminator” and “Short Circuit” to know you cannot trust a machine.  Seriously Johnny 5 would have snuffed out Steve Guttenberg first chance he got.  He totally had the hots for his girlfriend.

As normal I am off topic anyway I do have a fear of some kind of malfunction and I will be overdosed then on a face eating zombie-like rampage.  I cannot say for sure if too much insulin has this effect but if bath salts do…   It has been hard to not grab a syringe and inject myself as I have been for the last 20 years.

I am putting my faith in the machine and so far I dig it.  It is so much more convenient and I already do not know what to do with the minutes of free time.   I do believe life on the pump is going to be great and I look forward to better control with it as well.  Every day I am closer to my goal.

Oh if i could add anything to this pump it would be mp3 compatibility.  Seriously I need to get Apple on the phone about the iPump.

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  • Instead of an MP3 player, maybe you could just have Ashton Kutcher jump out from behind a chair, yelling, "You just got Pumped!!!"

  • ha ha i just saw this, if i ever see Ashton I will plead for him to quit.

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