Improving pump technology

I am trying to think of ideas to make my insulin pump more exciting.  Right now, it just looks like a pager, this is not the 90’s.  This thing needs an update, I mean besides the awesome science of it all.  That is still pretty amazing.  Here are a few things I came up with.

  • A mirror ball- You would be an instant party if out of nowhere your pump dropped a mirror ball
  • A Batmanesque spotlight-  I do not know what actual purpose this serves but how cool would it be to have your own airspace clogging spotlight
  • A yo yo- you could have minutes of fun at any moment using your pump as a yo yo
  • An ant farm- You could have a tiny ant farm and watch ants do anty things
  • Dr. Who Projector- you would be a hit with all of your geeky friends by being able to watch “Dr. Who” whenever and wherever
  • GPS- with a special focus on the closest pharmacies and hospitals in your area
  • Artificial sweetener dispenser- No more will you have to worry about where the sweet is coming from
  • An iPad- I mean come on! (okay I just really want an iPad)
  • A squirt gun- yeah a squirt gun is instant fun
  • A grappling hook- this sort of goes with the Batman thing.  I would also like a grappling hook, it would make me even more awesome

Okay that is just a short list of things I think would improve my pump.  What are your ideas?  Even if you do not have a pump help your diabetic friends out.  Maybe we can start working technology and present it on “Shark Tank”.  Surely they would not turn down a group of friendly diabetics.

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