I might need a ride.

Oh the frustrations…So yesterday I went to see my endocrinologist.  I had to get paperwork signed so I could get my license renewed.  First, was the eye exam, which went really well.  I am happy because I do not remember my eyes studying ever.  Anyway, that was out of the way.

My next stop was my doctor.  She told me that I have too many lows and that she could not sign off on my license paperwork.  She told me to give it week and she will reevaluate me.  That is fine and good but I turn 34 on Tuesday, I am really hoping for an iPad or a capuchin monkey, hint hint.  Anyway, I need to renew my license on Tuesday which is 2 days before my next check.

I mean I guess I can go a couple of days without driving.  I work weird days Saturday through Wednesday so I just need a ride on Wednesday.  Maybe I will have a contest if you are a reader with transportation and want to pick me up in Chicago and drive me to Aurora, join up.  Not really, that is not a good idea for a contest.  However if you own a Batmobile or Delorean let’s talk.

Anyway, my blood glucose is out of whack because I am still getting use to the pump.  It is just bad timing and a temporary inconvenience.  I will live without my license for a day.  Maybe it will encourage me to walk or hitchhiking.  I am going to make hitching popular again.

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