How does it feel?

Sometimes I will tell people that I feel low, or sometimes high.  Then I have to explain to the police and human resources at my job that I do not mean high on drugs.  I just say no, I tried huffing paint once but the clown kindly asked me to stop sniffing his face.

Anyway, people will ask me, what does being low or high feel like?  How do you know?   The hyperglycemic (high) feeling is difficult to describe.  All I know is that It feels different than normal, though it does make me have to urinate more of course coffee has that effect on me too.

The hypoglycemic (low) feeling is easier to describe.  In a word, it sucks.  I feel lackadaisical, weak, disoriented, my eyes get blurry, I get shaky and sometimes I sweat.  It is even worse waking in the middle of the night to this feeling.

I am groggy from sleeping, so it takes a second to realize what is going on.  Then I have to life my body out of bed and take my glucose level and fix it. It is definitely not the way I want to wake up, though it is cool that my body wakes me when my blood glucose level is low.

My doctor told me that some people get so bad with diabetes that they no longer can tell if they are high or low by feeling until it is too late.  I am glad I never got that bad.  While it is not a pleasant feeling it is good to have a warning.  Also, diabetics are a rare breed because we can treat ourselves with cake.  Sweet, sweet awesome life saving cake.

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